Celeste Suddler


Where efficiency and accuracy coincide

About Me

I graduated from University of South Carolina-Upstate where I studied political science and minored in pre-law. Throughout my academic career, I developed my writing and editing skills.

I have a background in academic, report, creative, and legal writing. I have experience in editing for MLA, APA, and Bluebook styles. I adapt to the tone and style of my clients to help convey a uniform message.

It is crucial that your work is error-free when it is published to your audience. Minor grammatical and spelling mistakes convey the wrong message, and distract the reader. Don't slow down your creative process trying to remember the correct use of "who" and "whom."

I am confident that I can tend to all of your proofreading and copywriting needs. From basic to substantive, use me as much or as little as you need. I check for punctuation, spelling errors, and format. I correct all grammatical errors and typos. I will improve your piece for clarity, conciseness, and fluidity. If need be, I will make slight changes in organization or vocabulary. Any changes I make to the content of your work will be minor. I abide by ethical, copywriting, and my clients’ standards.